Who?  ISNet. works.

Business@ISN: ZEB Case Study

We are the non-profit Students Club of the Master Program Information Systems at the WU Wien. The network of Information Systems was brought to life by students of the master program and is entirely independent from the University. The Club is mainly financed by donations of our corporate partners and membership fees for alumni and contributing members.

What? Brighten your Future!

Social@ISN: Semester Closing – Ice Skating and Dinner

We want to connect current students, alumni, companies and like-minded people that share interest in the field of information systems including AI, Blockchain, Data Science, Digitalisation, Business Processes, Software Engineering and a lot more.

How? OptimISN!

Business@ISN: PwC Game of Threats™

We support our students and the community by sharing advice, possibilities and our network at onboarding events, during the semester and on alumni events. While doing so, we serve as voice between batches, students, alumni, the department and our corporate partners. With the goal of shaping your master studies a momentous and exciting time, so let’s make it count!

Your ISN-Team