Our Upcoming Events

Update 10/10/2020: While ISN’s commitment to hold as many events as possible physically still holds, we have adapted certain events’ format, postponed some others, and some had to be cancelled.

  1. 05/11 | Business@ISN: PwC Austria – Opportune Consulting | Adapted: ONLINE
  2. 19/11 | Business@ISN: Start-Ups meet ISN – Pitch The Talents | CANCELLED (start-ups’ health concerns cannot make the format work)
  3. 21/11 | Social@ISN: English Theater – Travels With My Aunt | TAKING PLACE OFFLINE (instead of PubQuiz)
  4. 03/12 | Business@ISN: Accenture – Digital Security | Adapted: ONLINE
  5. 18/12 | Social@ISN: Winter Wonderland – Xmas Markets Tour | Adapted: TAKING PLACE OFFLINE (“Adapted” refers to the concept: it was planned to have a Xmas dinner indoor, but due to health restrictions, we will pay a visit to several outdoor Xmas markets in Vienna instead)
  6. 09/01 | Social@ISN: Welcome 2021 – New Year’s Gathering | PLANNED OFFLINE
  7. 30/01 | Social@ISN: Semester Closing – Lasertag| PLANNED OFFLINE (“Adapted” refers to the concept: it was planned to have a Mystery Game, but since we had that for Semester Opening, we will go to play Lasertag instead)
  8. 04/02 – 07/02 | Social@ISN: Ski Trip supported by WU Infsys-Master | DEFINITELY TAKING PLACE possibly with a Coronavirus rapid test, in which case test costs will be borne by ISN

Further yet-to-be-confirmed events:

  1. xx/11 | Social@ISN: Opera Tour
  2. xx/01 | Business@ISN: CV Check with ZBP and Business Pictures
  3. xx/01 | ISN General Assembly

All of our events do per se follow health regulations and we appeal to all participants to follow individual measures. Nonetheless, ISN is not an authority and everyone is responsible for their own health.

Check this page regularly for updates – the times we live in require maximum flexibility.


We are glad that you are interested in our Events! Please have a look and sign up. Bear in mind, that you have to be a member of our network. If you are not yet a member, sign up!

Business@ISN: Get to know the top employers in Austria! We organize networking events, workshops, impact talks and tours at the company offices with the support of our corporate partners.

Social@ISN: Get to know Austria’s future top employees! Within this event series, we organize informal get-togethers, teambuilding’s, onboarding sessions, semester opening and closings.

Business@ISN: PwC Austria – Opportune Consulting

About Our next Business@ISN journey would have taken us to the highest tower of Vienna for an exclusive event with our business partner PwC Austria, but instead the event has to be held online. This changes nothing else, though!...

Social@ISN: English Theater – Travels With My Aunt

About Vienna is famous for its strong cultural scene worldwide, be this opera, music, cabaret, or, well, theater. ISN is taking you on one of those experiences! Join us for a relaxing evening full of high-quality entertainment in the...

Business@ISN: Accenture – Digital Security

About Next Business@ISN stop: an exclusive event with our business partner Accenture, one of the world’s Fortune Global 500 companies active in strategic and management consulting as well as digitization, oursourcing and technology, among other fields. This event gives...

Social@ISN: Xmas Markets Tour

About What’s better than a Xmas celebration? While it’s snowy and cold, we will be enjoying food and drinks in a warm Winter Wonderland atmosphere in several of Vienna’s numerous Christmas markets. The Christmas markets in our city truly...

Social@ISN: Semester Closing – Lasertag

About As semester is coming to an end, we wanna get together once more before heading off into holidays. So, we will go and play lasertag! Wikipedia defines it as a recreational shooting sport where participants use infrared-emitting light...

Social@ISN: Ski Trip supported by WU Infsys-Master

About Last winter, our club went on a business trip to Berlin, visiting several companies there, experiencing different working environments and visiting the city’s numerous sights. Due to ongoing insecurities, we will not be visiting any companies this time,...