Next Business@ISN stop: an exclusive event with our business partner Accenture, one of the world’s Fortune Global 500 companies active in strategic and management consulting as well as digitization, oursourcing and technology, among other fields. This event gives you an opportunity to virtually meet Accenture’s experts. With a particular focus on IT Security, you get to learn about not only data protection, as often done in class, but also technical dangers and security measures aimed at systems. Through real-life experiences via numerous projects, Accenture’s employees give you insights into the value of digital systems and data.

Instead of physical networking, Accenture will provide some goodies incl. snacks that you can, well, snack on as you discuss with us 🙂 Either we will give them to you ourselves, or you can alternatively have them sent to your address.

Agenda: TBA

The event is currently preliminary, given the Covid-19 related insecurities, and might switch to an online or hybrid format. Any changes will be communicated on time. Whether it will, indeed, take place as planned depends on the risk traffic light of the Federal Health Ministry and Accenture.

Registration for the event is mandatory.

Registrations will open in a timely manner (4 weeks before the event).