Event Description

Discussions about digital surveillance have been going on and evolving for long, yet the topic has never been more current than now – just think of the very recent talks about Stopp Corona app by the Austrian Red Cross. Together with our premium partner zeb, we present you webminar titled “Who owns my digital self?”

In recent years, the digital transformation has affected almost all areas of our lives and had a lasting impact. Despite all the changes in our consumption and communication behavior, we ourselves – or rather our identity – have remained comparatively “analog”. Huge numbers of user accounts in social networks and online shops as non-verified pseudo-identities with questionable data protection are only one facet of this fact. A unique, networked, legally secure and generally recognized digital identity can help to remedy this situation. What are the possibilities and potentials of establishing a way to identify ourselves digitally and can financial service providers use their leap of faith to establish themselves as providers of digital identities in this emerging market?

Sign up right away and find out how digital identity affects you personally and how it may develop in the future.


Please upload your CV and GPA (available at https://bach.wu.ac.at/z/stud/oss/en/studrank) as one file (merge the two files using e.g. https://www.pdf2go.com/merge-pdf) directly to zeb’s website: https://jobs.zeb-consulting.com/stellenangebote/1238189?ref=80111000. You can also scan the QR-code below that will lead you to the registrations page.

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