About the event

Join us taking a tour through Vienna’s underground canal, and see a side of the city you have never seen before.

“The Third Man chase scene with Orson Welles as Harry Lime through the Vienna sewers is one of the most famous in the history of film. It is in these very same sewers that Vienna’s wastewater enterprise is making a history of another sort. Learn more about the sewers’ fascinating past and present.”

IMPORTANT: Since we have a limited amount of spots for this event, we have decided to make it exclusive for those members that joined at least one Business@ISN event this semester, or are a member of our alumni club. As a reminder, this semester we have had the following Business@ISN events:

  • Business@ISN: Wien Energie
  • Business@ISN: PwC – Game of Threats
  • Business@ISN: Erste Bank – George

Registration (closes 22 May)

Registration closed, see you next time:)