Vienna is famous for its strong cultural scene worldwide, be this opera, music, cabaret, or, well, theater. ISN is taking you on one of those experiences! Join us for a relaxing evening full of high-quality entertainment in the English Theater of Vienna, Europe’s oldest English theater (outside of the United Kingdom).

The play we will watch is something students can generally relate to: Educating Rita. Rita, a young working-class hairdresser, decides to pursue her hunger for education and enrolls on an Open University course in English Literature. Full of excitement and anticipation to finally be able to expand her horizons, she bursts into the life of her tutor Frank, a brilliant but disillusioned academic, frustrated poet and committed drinker. It doesn’t take long for the exuberant student to win over the cynic professor with her unorthodox literary insight and her refusal to take no for an answer. Their Pygmalion-inspired journey leads both onto an unexpected path of inner growth and friendship.

Due to Covid-19, seats in the theater follow strong health regulations, meaning over a half of them is, unfortunately, not available. ISN has preliminarily reserved tickets for 16 participants, (though we might take some more, depending on availability) which will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis for regular and alumni members. Associate members can only register if they attended a Business@ISN event in the last semester.

For this event, we preliminarily ask for a contribution of €20,- (front seats); the rest will be borne by ISN.

The event is currently preliminary, given the Covid-19 related insecurities, though very much likely to take place. Any changes will be communicated on time. Whether it will, indeed, take place as planned depends on the risk traffic light of the Federal Health Ministry.

Registration for the event is mandatory in light of Covid-19.

Registrations will open in a timely manner (2 weeks before the event).