What’s better than a Xmas celebration? While it’s snowy and cold outside, we will be enjoying a warm dinner with food and drinks in a warm atmosphere.

The concept of the evening is quite simple. We ask everyone to bring some food and drinks from their home country. This way we will all get a taste of how Christmas is celebrated elsewhere. Upon registration, we ask you to give some indication of what you’ll be bringing, so that we can anticipate what we are going to be short on. Of course, you do not have to bring enough to feed all participants. In the spirit of Christmas, if we all contribute a little, we’ll have enough for all!

There will be a small kitchen available with a stove and an oven. However, we would like to ask you to limit the needed preparations on the side as much as possible. Pans, for example, will not be available. If you have questions about this, just let us know!

For those that do not bring any food/drinks with them, we would like to ask a contribution of €20,- upon registration. This will be used to make sure no one goes home hungry or thirsty. Nonetheless, we, of course, hope everyone is enthusiastic to represent their country in the best way possible.

The event is currently preliminary, given the Covid-19 related insecurities. Any changes will be communicated on time. Whether it will, indeed, take place as planned depends on the risk traffic light of the Federal Health Ministry.

Registration for the event is mandatory in light of Covid-19.

Registrations will open in a timely manner (2 weeks before the event).