For several years now, the pub quiz is a fun and exciting way to check your knowledge on diverse topics and also get to know your peers a little better. Since this year does not allow for much in-person interaction, we present you our interactive and exciting online version of the pub quiz!
Taking part in this event is a great opportunity to have some fun these times while also interacting more with other students and like-minded people.
We quiz you about some diverse, but related topics. Such as the WU itself, and several questions about the events this year. Some IT and business questions may also be part of it 😉
The winners await some prizes at the end. And some time for socializing is of course available for all who did not get enough of the stunning atmosphere!

We will open the call at 19:00 austrian time  (subject to change).  Don’t worry about creating teams prior to the event. We will form the teams for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Registrations (open until 04/03 – 16:00)