Instead of our traditional ISN Christmas Dinner, we ran for Kindernothilfe and collected 400 Euros for children who are less lucky and enjoy the holidays differently – thank you very much to all participants and runners!

One more thing we wanna do, though, to bring Christmas closer to you even in these difficult times is the Secret Santa. You know the process: make someone else happy with a gift of your choice. The Secret Santa game will work the following way:

  1. Sign up for it below until Friday, Dec 11, at 23:59
  2. You will then be assigned another participant and will receive their name and address information via email
  3. Buy them a gift – it can be whatever you want it to be (snacks, puzzle, clothes, tea, you name it). There is no particular minimum amount, but please be considerate and buy something of at least 5 EUR in value. It is even more appreciated if you make the gift yourself (e.g. knitted socks). 🙂
  4. Send your gift by Friday, Dec 18, to ensure it arrives before Christmas (if you are sending it internationally, please send it by Dec 15) – this applies for the Austrian postal service. We cannot guarantee timely arrival for other country’s national postal service.
  5. After you have sent your gift, submit the receipt to team@infsysnetwork.com. We will refund you the delivery fee: flat refund of €5 if the delivery fee is not separately visible in the bill; up to €10 for deliveries within Austria and €15 for international deliveries. The amounts are based on Austrian postal service’s prices (for a box up to 100x60x60, up to 10kg and delivery time of 1-2 working days) and should fit most of deliveries. On a case-by-case individual basis (e.g. if you are sending a box outside of Europe), up to €20 can be refunded.

Registration for the event is mandatory.

Registrations are closed.