Aaalrighty, the end of semester is in sight finally! 😀

We present you our semester closing event at Friday,  25th June!
Since we want to give you the best experience possible, we thought of something special.


  • Agenda for 25th June:
    The whole event is split into three parts!

    • From 15:30-18:00 We go swimming at the public swimming place Gänsehäufel. Fun in the sun is guaranteed!
      We want to have a little get together, maybe play volleyball and just enjoy the time.
      (Location: at Moissigasse 21, 1220 Vienna. Google Maps Link –
    • From 18:45-21:15 We go on some party boats on Alte Donau! Have some fun partying on some cool party boats and seeing the Alte Donau from a different view. Let us all together have a cool time 🙂 There we offer you some sandwichen/cold food to eat and something to drink. If you have any allergies, let us know in the comment field!
      Since the boats have limited capacity, we only have spots for 32 people in total for the boats! First come first serve principle applies!
      So if you register we urge you notify us in case you can not come. So that we can give the free spot to sb else!
      Make sure you are there at 18:45 the latest!!
      (Location: at Laberlweg 19, 1220 Vienna. Google Maps Link –
    • Starting~22-ish, we will enjoy the rest of the evening and meet at the peers at Alte Donau. There we’ll sit together and have some more food and drinks, which we’ll provide! And enjoy a relaxing evening till late in the night if you like 🙂 – It’s open End.
      (Location: at Große Bucht Aussichtsplatform, Alte Donau, 1220 Vienna. Google Maps Link –


Registration for the event is mandatory!

    Of course, as always, if you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations, complaints etc feel free to write us.
    Thank you for your interest! 🙂