Corona measures do not necessarily mean all social life is over. Join us for ISN’s first online event! Get ready to solve mysteries, puzzles, riddles, and fact checks to reach the final destination in The Amazing ISN Race. The most basic goal is – start at one place and move around the globe until you reach the last stop by solving various challenges that will lead you from one place to another. You don’t need to give up on traveling, simply join our tour to discover exciting spots all around the world. Real-life prizes will be provided for the best players.

To ensure your Friday night is as close to the Friday night you would be having under normal circumstances, we will be having an online afterparty as well 🙂

Please register using the form below, so we are able to build teams based on the number of participants.

Technical requirements: Microsoft Teams (WU email address not necessary, so alumni are welcome to join as well)

Registrations (open until April 10, 6pm)

Registrations are now closed. See you at 8!