After finishing our master, every Alumni has the opportunity to join our active network of like-minded people. After completing the program, people develop themselves into countless directions – the corporate world, consulting, academia or startups. However, our ISN Alumni network will form a strong anchor to stay connected. Our community provides a unique platform to stay in touch with your former study colleagues and friends on an occasional basis. Grow with us and enjoy worthwhile events of all kinds thanks to our common Alma Mater.

In practice, we have two dedicated alumni events per academic year. One in the winter semester and one in the summer semester. All registered members of our alumni club are welcome on those.

The membership fee is €30 annually, which will be deducted automatically from your bank account. Please find more information under terms & conditions. Please note that your alumni subscription will be valid for a year starting on the day of subscription.

As we are currently making some changes to the registration process, it is currently not available. It should however be available here very soon. If you have any urgent questions please reach out to us at